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Producers of

Day old chicks, Table Eggs, Chicken meat, Poultry Feeds, and livestock pharmaceuticals


New products in line: Human Pharmaceuticals and Oil Extractions


48-C, Satellite Town, Chandni Chowk

Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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Sadiq Group is one of the leading poultry business groups of Pakistan. The Group is unique in its commitment to innovate, provide premium quality poultry products. Sadiq Group has always sought to be driven its core values of integrity and customer satisfaction. The Group progress is based on its corporate objective to be ahead in everything it does.


The financial strength of the Group has enabled it to create an effective in diverse sectors of the economy. The Group has continuously invested in its existing operations and has also developed new business areas of interest.


The Group came into existence more than 35 years ago as a small family concern of Dr. Muhammad Sadiq. Over the years it has made phenomenal progress and grown into one of the leading enterprises in Pakistan.The Group is providing following brands of poultry products in Pakistan.


  SB Chicks - Day Old Chicks,

  SB Feeds - Poultry Feed (mash, crumbs or pellets)

  SB Pharma- Veterinary pharmaceuticals (for poultry and livestock).

  SB labs Poultry diagnostic laboratory

  SadiqEggs- Fresh table eggs

  Sadiq meat Fresh Chicken meat

  Sadiq trays





Following entities are working under the umbrella of Sadiq Group:


  Sadiq Poultry (Pvt) Ltd

  Sadiq Feeds (Pvt) Ltd.

  SB Pharma

  SB Packages

  Sadiq Oil Extraction (Pvt) Ltd

  Dr. Sadiq Foundation.


The group has sales offices in all major cities of Pakistan and a network of agents in all towns of the country, with its head office based in Rawalpindi.


The capital strength of the group is well known in Pakistan and abroad. Its yearly turnover is over Rs20Billion. A small family business has now evolved into an enterprise of around4000 employees.





Dr.Mohammad Sadiq, C.E

Dr. Mohammad Sadiq, Chief Executive


Dr. Muhammad Sadiq is a veterinarian by profession and got his DVM degree from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan) in 1974. Currently he holds additional portfolio of President Poultry Disease Control Committee in Pakistan. He was Central Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association earlier. He is presently President of World Poultry Science Association of Pakistan Branch. He has been conferred award of Top Man in Poultry Industry of Pakistan by American Soyabean Meal Association. It has the distinction of being awarded commendation certificate by Government of Pakistan for highest Broiler Chicks Production.

Mr. Asif Zubair Sadiq, Director

Mr. AsifZubair Sadiq eldest son of from Dr Muhammad Sadiq's first family, he looks the operation and production at all Feed Mills. Mr. Zubair Sadiq holds Bsc animal sciences degree from North Carolina State University U.S.A. He joined the business after his graduation.


Mr Salman Sadiq, Director

Mr Salman Sadiq youngest son from Dr Muhammad Sadiq's first family, he is a post graduate in poultry sciences North Carolina state university USA. He joined the business after his graduation in 2004. He presently manages affairs relating breeder farms, Layer Farms, Broiler farms and hatcheries.

MrsRasheedaBagum, Director

MrsRasheeda is the first wife of Dr Muhammad Sadiq, She is a house wife.


MrsSadia Sadiq, Director

MrsSadia is the second wife of Dr Muhammad Sadiq, She is a house wife.






Excellence- We strive to achieve the highest quality standards of the goods and services we provide.



Integrity- We insist on conducting our business fairly, with honesty, and transparency.


Unity- We build firm relationships with our customers based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation




The history of Sadiq Group is the history of commercial poultry industry in Pakistan itself.The business of producing and selling Day old Broiler came into existence with Dr. Muhammad Sadiq and his two brothers, under the cover of Partnership,(Sadiq Brothers Poultry) with expansion as Jadeed Poultry Farms a sister concern. Then all businesses were merged into Sadiq Brothers a partnership firm. Finally business was shifted into private limited companies in 2004.

Sadiq Brothers now exists in the names of

  Sadiq Poultry (Pvt) Ltd.

  Sadiq Feeds (Pvt) Ltd.

  SB Pharma

  Arslan Poultry (Pvt) Ltd. (second brother)

  Jadeed Poultry (Pvt) Ltd. (third brother)




1977 Dr. Muhammad Sadiq started poultry business in 1977 as broiler farmer; it was the foundation of the Sadiq Group.

1982 The Sadiq Brothers Poultry was funded as a partnership firm. The Group started to embark on producing chicks to sell to broiler farmers in 1982.

1986 Started its first hatchery

1988/89: Started a feed business, with the first mash feed at Sihala, Islamabad in 1988/89.

1994/95 Started production of pellet feeds at Mandra Feed Mill.

1997 SB Pharma, livestock medicines

2004 The Company Sadiq Poultry (Private) Ltd was incorporated.

2006 The Company Sadiq Feeds (Private) Ltd was incorporated.

2009 Social activism has always been a hallmark of Sadiq Group. Dr. Sadiq Foundation trust was started in 2009. The foundation carries out various activities of social welfare of the community in the area of health, education, and enhancing economic prosperity.

2010 Sadiq Feeds (Pvt) Ltd established its 3rd unit of Feed Mills at Sahiwal

The Group started making farms for layer and broiler production which came into production in late 2011.

2012 Diversifiedthe business with establishment of human Pharmaceutical unit. Construction of the unit is in progress, It is designed and advised by a top Spanish company and said to be one of the most advanced pharmaceutical factory in Pakistan.

2013 Vertically integrating its feed mill with solvent plant which will result in production of meals for poultry feed, cooking oil and local soup production



Sadiq Poultry (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated on September 17, 2004 but its roots go back to 1977 when Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Chief Executive of Sadiq Poultry (Pvt) ltd, established his first poultry farms.


The Company has its Chicks Sales offices in all the major cities of Pakistan. The head office of the Company is located in Rawalpindi, quite close to Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. The capital strength of the Company is well known. Its yearly turnover is over Rs. 4.5 billion. The work force of the Company exceeds 2200 personnel.



The Company maintains parent flocks of different breeds i.e. Hubbard, Cobb and Arbor Acresand soon Ross from November 2013. One year placement exceeds 1.0 million parents female in its21most modern breeding farms with state-of-the-art facilities. Latest farms are equipped with environmentally controlled systems from SKOV (Denmark), Drinking and fogging Systemsfrom Lubing (Germany),Fans from Munter (Italy) or chore-time (usa). The foreign suppliers monitor these systems on regular basis as per terms of after sale service. These farms are located in ideal places from climatic, hygienic and bio-security point of view.


Farms are managed most efficiently by highly trained and experienced staff and monitored with well-equipped Lab. Best equipment with best practices help to achieve highest standard of immunity, maximum livability and in return high levels of performance. All eggs produced on these farms are transported in Companys own vehicles to its hatcheries located in different parts of the country, for incubation.


Be Be Jan Farm

Biggest breeding farm of the company housing 220000 females


The breeder flocks are vaccinated against all known poultry diseases and their eggs are free from the following bacteria: Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, Mycoplasma Synoviae, Salmonella Pullorum, Salmonella Gallinarum, and Salmonella Paratyphimurium. Flock health is regularly monitored by monthly testing of immunity titers against all known poultry diseases. The chicks we produce are sold to farmers via a marketing team of staff. We have more than75 chick master multistage machines installed. it produceson an average of9 million chicks per month.




The company has a capacity to maintain 2.1 million laying birds in production at all times. The cages systems are selected on the basis of quality and performance.Latest equipment of the world renowned companies are installed, most big Dutchman (Germany), secondly chore-time (USA) and Salmet (Italy).





The company has more than 80state-of-the-art broiler sheds to produce average 1.5 MillionKgs (1,500 MT) of broiler meat per month. The broiler houses are also equipped with latest equipment of the world renowned companies i.e. Roxell (USA), Chore Time (USA), Big Dutchmen (Germany) and SKOV/Viper controllers, automatic static pressure controls for minimum ventilation system.



The Company has five hatcheries located throughout Pakistan. Poultry incubation systems imported from USA (Chicks Master International) are installed in these hatcheries. We have signed a deal with chick master in November 2012 and hatchery building is under construction having 48 Avida single stage machines for broiler production. This one hatchery will produce up to 8 million chicks a month when fully up and running


The hatcheries are managed with up to date facilities include modern air conditioning, humidification and fresh air supply systems for the proper incubation of eggs. Any dirty eggs produced at farms are washed by MST (UK) washing machines for proper sanitation of the hatch able egg surfaces. The eggs in the hatcheries are graded by using the MOBA system grading machines. It is a weighing machine, calibrated in five gram steps. There are four compartments each calibrated to a weight range 40-45 grams; 45-50 grams; 50-55 grams; 55-60 grams and 60-65 grams. Eggs weighing more than the respective weight range pass through the slot and are graded. This ensures uniform hatch and ultimately the production of uniform chicksand broilers.


Business Growth Prospectus;

The prospects for healthy business growth in the poultry sector are eminent. And Poultry Meat is a good substitute of Meat and beef. Poultry meat is a cheapest source of animal protein available in the country. Hence consumption of Broiler meat is increasing day by day. The annual growth of poultry in Pakistan is (8-10) percent. (Economic survey of Pakistan, 2008-09) due to which there is demand for day old chicks.

Key success Factor

The key success factor for the Sadiq Poultry (Pvt) Ltd

1-    Modern Farms

2-    Farm management on most scientific basis

3-    High quality breeder flock

4-    Isolated farms

5-    Tight Bio Security on Farms

6-    Suitable Hatcheries location for quick access to market

7-    Fully automated cage systems







Sadiq Feeds (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated on July 07, 2005 through change in name of Prime Feeds (Pvt) Ltd. That was acquired by Sadiq Brothers Poultry in 1996. The capital strength of the Company is well known. Its yearly turnover is over Rs. 12.000 billion. The work force of the Company exceeds 800 personnel.

Sadiq Feeds (Pvt) Ltd has two production units producing Poultry Feed & Cattle Feed. One is situated at GT Road, near Mandra and Second poultry feed mill is situated at Lahore-Multan Road, Sahiwal.


Mandra Feed Mill

Feed Mill Mandra has a production capacity of 70 M Ton per hour and Sahiwal Feed Mill is currently producing poultry feed with one Plant of 70 M Ton per hour. Extension is in process of construction/installation that makes the Mill capacity to 110 M Ton per hour in near future.These feed mills are equipped with modern hi-tech pellet lines of Buhler, Switzerland

Sahiwal Feed Mill

These mills produces different types of poultry feed for birds of different age groups. Feed formulation is computer-controlled using Brill feed management software (used by most major companies), but it is programed by a nutritionist. This state-of-the-art pellet line is completely automatic and is computer-controlled. The pellet mill has two conditioners to ensure a longer residing time of the mash in the conditioners, enabling complete destruction of pathogens present in the feed. Feed ingredients are subjected to various Lab tests.

To ensure highest qualityfeed the Company has established R&D facilities and employed specialist staff headed by experienced and competent managers who hold Doctorate degrees in nutrition. The quality of feed that produced by these mill rank among the bests.

The Company has its Feed Sales offices in all the big cities of Pakistan and network of agents in all towns of the country. The head office of the Company is located in Rawalpindi, quite close to Islamabad the capital of Pakistan.



Complete range/grade of mesh and pallet feed for poultry.

         Over 40 different formulations/mix are available according to the type of bird and its age.

         Medicated feed is also available on request.

         Cattle feed ( SBWanda) experiments have shown 15% milk production increases when given SB Wanda as compared to normal silage.


Major Suppliers

Some of the major suppliers are:

         Major imports (Almost 20% of total purchases) from India, China, USA, Europe, Malaysia etc.

         Glutton from M/s Fauji Corn Complex, Rafhan Maize Products.

         Molasses from M/S Al-Mustaqeem Traders, M Sultan, Samundri

         Meal, from Macci Corp. Multan, S.M. Munir, Multan, Mars Entp. Multan.

         Grains, from Punjab & NWFP several parties

         Premix material fromMehta Brothers, B.A. Traders, Lahore


Key success Factor

1.    The key success factors are:Purchase of ingredients at low prices and maintaining stock. Because some seasonal growing crops, are available at low rates during season for which. We have sufficient storage capacity. Sadiq feeds has up to 250 000 m tons grain storage facility (silos) and more then 600 000 sqft meal storage covered area

2.    Feed formulation is main factor, because it is a chemistry by which we can produce feed at low cost with full of nutrition required for each category of Feed.

  1. Use of modern equipmentto enhance the quality of products.
  2. Induction of most talented and experienced staff has an edge on competitors.


Company Strategy

The company strategy is to fully utilize its production capacity so to minimize its production cost and thus earn highest growth in the stock holders wealth



SB Pharma

SB Pharma,  this unit is located in Capital territory of Islamabad. Production staff includes Manager Quality Control holding B.Pharmacy and M.Phil Pharmaceuticals. This unit manufactures and sells Veterinary medicines within the country as well as abroad. Products include Feed Premixes, Antibacterial, Oral solutions, Powder, Injectable and supportive therapeutics.


Raw material for these products is imported from world renowned companies like Roche (Switzerland), Degussa (Germany), Merial (France), ICN (USA) and  Elanco.


SB Pharma is equipped with modern machinery for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Syrup section is protected with Captive Air (USA); Formulation section is fabricated with Millipore SS grade material of Japan. The injection section is fabricated with Millipore System (USA) and Japan. The injection glass used in the preparation of injection is USP grade ONE imported from France and Korea alongwith seal and rubber which is packed in thermopore to protect from light and breakage during transportation. All  powder preparations are mixed in SS mixers, dried in fluid bed dryers and granulated in imported granulators to avoid dustiness of  products. The powder preparations are packed in  inner- coated sachet and plastic Jars. Premixes for feed are packed in Polythene  bags of 25 Kg each.


SB Pharma has the facilities of quality control analysis, pre and post product evaluation, syruping, powdering, granulation, fluid drying deionization, sterilization, sealing, packing and labeling. It has the facility of Research and Development for existing and new products. An International Standard Quality Control Laboratory exists, equipped with the modern analytical facilities including ultraviolet photo spectrometry, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), Thin Layer Chromatography, Autobiography and titration tests for all chemicals used in the pharmaceuticals.


SB Pharma has brought a whole new dimension to quality products and given a great impetus to its business, it supplies a wide range of products for livestock, poultry and offers technical know how to feed producers, poultry farmers and breeder farmers.

SB Pharma has, within a short span of time, out marketed others and captured the top position, it enjoys reputation of excellence, its products are in great demand in the market for their high quality, reasonable price and efficient delivery system throughout Pakistan.


Dr. Sadiq Foundation


To identify, create and develop community cohesion at gross root levels by realizing and meeting the needs of communities in a mutual and cooperative manner and thus enriching the social fabric of society by exploring Islamic norms, ethics and brotherhood.

To deliver support and help to needy individuals in the form of monetary support and also by providing services to deprived people. In addition to this the right advice at right time will also be given to individuals regardless of which part of the society they come from. This will include not only to the Haves Not segment of the society but also to the Haves in terms of right advice at right time when they really need.




1.    To improve the quality of life of individuals from the deprived and underprivileged class by inculcating education and bringing health awareness and care especially of the youth and women with Mother-Child Health as focal address.


2.    To provide support to individuals facing natural calamities and disasters together with internal warfare which often results in internal displacement of population and increases the number of widows and orphans, who often lead a life below the poverty line. Marriages of orphan girls need respectable attention in terms of seen off ceremonies with minimum dowries and a least cost hosting to the bridal guests.











a.    To help and provide support to deprived individuals in particular orphans, widows, and people with seen and unseen disabilities.


b.    To establish and manage educational institutions viz. technical and vocational for basic education, adult literacy and advanced studies including special education.


c.    To provide scholarships and educational grants to students.


d.    To set up and run medical and social facilities which include the following:



        Nursing homes

        Maternity homes

        Mother and child care centers

        Mobile clinics and dispensaries

        Old age homes for the elderly of both genders

        Shelter facilities for people who need a shelter

        Orphan facilities

        Training and short course institute


e.    To work for the development of human resources by the promotion of social and economic well-being of masses, uplift of social status and community mobilization for prosperous society.


f.     To run aid programs providing relief and support to the most needy in society.


g.   To ensure effective marketing of the organisation and its projects via print and publish periodicals, brochure, books or leaflets. This will help the organisation to further achieve its objectives.


h.    To accept donation, grants, contributions, Zakat etc. to deliver projects successfully and for onward distribution.

i.     To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any immovable property and any right or privilege for the promotion of trust mission and objectives.


j.     To sell, aliniate, transfer, convert or otherwise dispose off or deal with properties, assets or profit of the Trust in the interest and promotion of cause of the trust.


k.    To borrow or raise money and to advance or give credit either with or without security to and from such persons or companies as may be considered fit in the interest of the trust and its stakeholders.


l.     To associate and work with any agency on the lines decided by the Board in the interest and in accordance with the objectives of the trust.


m.  To assist the needy persons in establishing their business activity, to meet education expenses by extending Qarz-e-Hasna or non-returnable loans.


Current Activities

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Hospital Food Project

        There are 21 employees in BBH- Food Project functioning in 2 shifts viz morning and evening under the designated shift incharge. (The BBH food project consists of 21 employees that operate in a two shift pattern which comprises of a morning and evening shift overseen by the shift in charge).

        Four vendors have been selected after a strict procurement process to provide an un-interrupted supply of raw material and food items to the food project.

        Volume and Breakup of 3 times meals to the indoor patients of BBH is as under:


During 2010 (From March 01 to December 31) 110,993 persons

During 2011 (From January 01 to December 31) 138,547 persons

During 2012 (From January 01 to December 31) 132,129 persons

During 2013 (From January 01 to May 31, 2013) 53,106 persons

Total 434,775 persons


        Dr. Sadiq Foundation sponsoring the salary of following Medical Staff in BBH

Medical Officer 2

Staff Nurses 4


        Dr. Sadiq Foundation has sponsored a complete dialysis unit (Dialysis Machine & Reverse Osmosis) in the dialysis ward of BBH.


Assistance to unprivileged

Help to 7 types or categories as under; prioritised according to seriatim order:

1.    Financial help periodical or one time

2.    Financial help for self Business in order of self reliance

3.    Financial help for education

4.    Financial help for sickness

5.    Financial help for marriage of orphans male or female

6.    Financial help for Qarz-i-Hasna

7.    Financial help to the Organization

Sewing Centre at Girja Road, Rawalpindi

There are 8 sewing machines and 25 trainees with one qualified instructor paid by DSF.

Sewing Centre at Village Mujahid, ChakriRigion

There are 20 trainees having own sewing machines except 5 which have been supplied by DSF with one qualified instructor paid by DSF.

Govt. Post Graduate College for Women, Satellite Town, Rwp

DSF sponsoring salary of 3 lecturers of graduate and post graduate classes.

Monthly Scholarships

Presently figure of monthly / quarterly / scholarships is 174 including widows, orphans, old men, old women and deserving students etc.


Parent company has many units in the area and employing around 1200 people, there is no proper health facility in the area so we are under way of developing care centre and looking to acquiring and running couple of BHUs in the area.

DSF Mega Project

Construction of a complex consisting of


1.    220 Bed Hospital with 9 Clinical Programs

2.    Old Home for 75 Male

3.    Old Home for 75 Female

4.    Old Home for 75 Couples

Building and running of training institutes throughout Pakistan giving free training to public so that they can get higher then basic salary, people will be able to choose from

1.    Nursing

2.    Electricians

3.    Carpenters

4.    Welders

5.    Plumbers

6.    Marble workers

7.    Garderner

8.    Cook, and many more

Media and public speeches campaign for education of general public of Pakistan for a better future. Salman Sadiq is planning on how to run this campaign, a lot of work has been done but still a lot remains, as it will not be an easy task